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Brightening Up Your Home

Old time houses were made to withstand the weather so houses were built to shut out the elements, not let them in. This means that old houses are usually dark and forbidding, with nary a crack to let in sunlight and air. Thanks to modern materials, equipment and other house-building technology services, houses today try to incorporate the elements into their designs, allowing the structure to be a part of Nature.

So when houses have lighting problems and use too much electricity due to the number of lighting fixtures needed to brighten up the interior, there are certain things you can do to change that in an eco-friendly way:


Add a Window or Two

One of the ways you can bring in more light is if you add an aperture to your roof that allows more light in, especially if you live in an area that has a lot of sun like the Gold Coast skylights are a practical way of capturing and harnessing that light. There are different ways of doing this: if the roof is immediately above your heads all they need to do is to cut open a square, strengthen the frame and add high-quality glass to let in light. If you are on the ground floor and the roof is a couple of floors above you, they can add a duct-like structure lined with smooth, reflective panels that will bring the sunlight into the ground floor without losing much.

Change the Walls

In addition to skylight installation, you can also change the walls in order to maximize what little light you are getting. If the walls are rough, smooth them out with plaster as a smooth surface reflects light better than a rough and pockmarked one, which absorbs it. Install mirrors wherever practical in order to increase the reflective space. You can also add in reflective panels in dark corners to catch the light and bounce it around so that it will brighten that corner. Also, if your house is painted in dark colours, you might want to rethink your artistic choices; bright colours like white and cream again reflect light, making a space seem bigger and brighter rather than dark colours like green and purple which soak in the light.

Replace the Lights

A less eco-friendly way of doing this is to change the kind of lights you use. You will still use artificial lighting, but by having LED lamps and bulbs instead of old-fashioned tungsten filament or fluorescent bulbs, you will be able to cut down on electricity usage and get more light per watt as you do so. LED lamps are specifically designed to work with minimum electric wattage and give more light; they also last longer since they do not require resistance (in the filament) or a gas (fluorescence) in order to light up. Not only will you be getting more bang for your buck, you will be using sustainable energy in your home.